Tuesday 8/21

The itsy-bitsy spider … got a lot of attention from a cop who was summoned to a Florida home by a 911 call from a terrified eight-year-old. The boy called the emergency number after being startled by the critter while his mom was off at work. The responding officer didn’t find anything eight-legged crawling around, but was creeped out by what he did find – three kids home alone in a house filled with trash, including dishes on the counter filled with remnants of food in “various stages of decay.” The boy’s mom was charged with child neglect, but has not lost custody of the children

A Swedish couple said they nearly ran over a 6-month-old baby while snowmobiling in the north of the country. [They] said they stopped the snowmobile [to] investigate the object on the trail ahead. “At first we thought it was a doll. It was sleeping and murmured a little when we picked it up, but then it fell asleep again”. The couple said they soon encountered two men on skis pulling sleds, one containing two children and the other empty. They drove up to them and asked if it was their child. One of the men confirmed that it was his and then added: ‘I thought it had gone a bit quiet back there”.

A South Dakota man made his bid for a Father of the Year trophy by getting drunk and demanding to be driven home by his 14-year-old son – who was also wasted from a night out with the old man. Jay Robert Parker Jr. and his father, Jay Robert Parker, were arrested after a trooper spotted the teenager driving erratically on Interstate 90, and pursued the vehicle for more than four miles before the kid pulled over. The boy took a breathalyzer test, which showed his blood alcohol level to be more than twice the legal limit – and while the proud papa wasn’t tested, he did have an open container of booze in his possession.

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