Tuesday 8/21

The itsy-bitsy spi­der … got a lot of atten­tion from a cop who was sum­moned to a Florida home by a 911 call from a ter­ri­fied eight-year-old. The boy called the emer­gency num­ber after being star­tled by the crit­ter while his mom was off at work. The respond­ing offi­cer didn’t find any­thing eight-legged crawl­ing around, but was creeped out by what he did find – three kids home alone in a house filled with trash, includ­ing dishes on the counter filled with rem­nants of food in “var­i­ous stages of decay.” The boy’s mom was charged with child neglect, but has not lost cus­tody of the children

A Swedish cou­ple said they nearly ran over a 6-month-old baby while snow­mo­bil­ing in the north of the coun­try. [They] said they stopped the snow­mo­bile [to] inves­ti­gate the object on the trail ahead. “At first we thought it was a doll. It was sleep­ing and mur­mured a lit­tle when we picked it up, but then it fell asleep again”. The cou­ple said they soon encoun­tered two men on skis pulling sleds, one con­tain­ing two chil­dren and the other empty. They drove up to them and asked if it was their child. One of the men con­firmed that it was his and then added: ‘I thought it had gone a bit quiet back there”.

A South Dakota man made his bid for a Father of the Year tro­phy by get­ting drunk and demand­ing to be dri­ven home by his 14-year-old son – who was also wasted from a night out with the old man. Jay Robert Parker Jr. and his father, Jay Robert Parker, were arrested after a trooper spot­ted the teenager dri­ving errat­i­cally on Inter­state 90, and pur­sued the vehi­cle for more than four miles before the kid pulled over. The boy took a breath­a­lyzer test, which showed his blood alco­hol level to be more than twice the legal limit – and while the proud papa wasn’t tested, he did have an open con­tainer of booze in his possession.

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