Tuesday 8/28

Accord­ing to Mon­tana High­way Patrol, a man was sport­ing a military-style “Ghillie suit” and was stand­ing in the right-hand lane of a high­way near Kalispell, Mon­tana when he was hit by one car on Sun­day night. Then, he was hit by a sec­ond car has he lay on the high­way. The man was iden­ti­fied as 44-year-old Randy Lee Ten­ley of Kalispell and after inter­view­ing some of Tenley’s friends, Trooper Jim Schnei­der told the DailyInterLake.com, “He was try­ing to make peo­ple think he was Sasquatch so peo­ple would call in a Sasquatch sighting.”

A crook in Florida added insult to injury by steal­ing sev­eral items from a car parked in a dri­ve­way and leav­ing some­thing behind — a note telling the owner how stu­pid he was to leave the stuff there in the first place. The vic­tim told police that he returned to his 2003 Toy­ota to find that he was miss­ing a hand­gun, a hunt­ing knife and a pile of mag­a­zines. As he turned to walk up to his house, he saw a plas­tic bag, on which the crook had writ­ten “loaded gun + unlocked car = stu­pid” and scolded him for leav­ing that stuff out when there were “lots of chil­dren around.” The crook actu­ally left the gun and knife in the bag although he did make off with 30 rounds of ammu­ni­tion and some other incidentals.

A Wash­ing­ton man gave new mean­ing to the term “film shoot” by dri­ving around his home­town fir­ing guns out the win­dow of a stolen car and hav­ing an under­age girl film the results for use on YouTube. Ron­nie Wynn had the girl get the cam­era rolling as he pulled out an assault rifle, which he began fir­ing at ran­dom. To ensure that he got his full 15 min­utes of fame, he then had the cam­era woman focus on his face for a nice close up shot. The four-minute video, which is on the shaky side, is sound­tracked by screech­ing tires and Wynn’s talk­ing – includ­ing him telling the girl he was drop­ping her off at her home. Cops saw the video cross-posted to Wynn’s Face­book page and arrested him.

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