Tuesday 8/28

According to Montana Highway Patrol, a man was sporting a military-style “Ghillie suit” and was standing in the right-hand lane of a highway near Kalispell, Montana when he was hit by one car on Sunday night. Then, he was hit by a second car has he lay on the highway. The man was identified as 44-year-old Randy Lee Tenley of Kalispell and after interviewing some of Tenley’s friends, Trooper Jim Schneider told the DailyInterLake.com, “He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting.”

A crook in Florida added insult to injury by stealing several items from a car parked in a driveway and leaving something behind — a note telling the owner how stupid he was to leave the stuff there in the first place. The victim told police that he returned to his 2003 Toyota to find that he was missing a handgun, a hunting knife and a pile of magazines. As he turned to walk up to his house, he saw a plastic bag, on which the crook had written “loaded gun + unlocked car = stupid” and scolded him for leaving that stuff out when there were “lots of children around.” The crook actually left the gun and knife in the bag although he did make off with 30 rounds of ammunition and some other incidentals.

A Washington man gave new meaning to the term “film shoot” by driving around his hometown firing guns out the window of a stolen car and having an underage girl film the results for use on YouTube. Ronnie Wynn had the girl get the camera rolling as he pulled out an assault rifle, which he began firing at random. To ensure that he got his full 15 minutes of fame, he then had the camera woman focus on his face for a nice close up shot. The four-minute video, which is on the shaky side, is soundtracked by screeching tires and Wynn’s talking – including him telling the girl he was dropping her off at her home. Cops saw the video cross-posted to Wynn’s Facebook page and arrested him.

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