Tuesday 9/11

Authorities in Florida said they arrested a man who was found sleeping naked on a table outside of a Sonic fast-food restaurant. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy responded to a report of a naked man attempting to bite another man at the Orange City eatery and responded to find Adam Hunt sleeping on a table. Investigators said the deputy woke Hunt up and told him he would be arrested. The deputy said Hunt cursed at him and told him to take him to jail.

A Canadian SUV owner had to deal with a grizzly problem when he came home to find that his vehicle had been pretty much trashed by a wild bear that tore the thing apart and left a calling card.  The bear broke into the Toyota in a quest for a pic-a-nic basket, but then found itself trapped inside and panicked, ripping off the door panels, tearing out much of the interior wiring and shredding four of the air bags. Before breaking out the back window to make its escape, the critter left its alternative fuel contribution in the back in the form of a steaming pile of poop. The total damage was estimated to be in the neighborhood of $60,000

A Connecticut man gave new meaning to the phrase “butt crack” Tyrese Chapman ended up at the hospital after he was shot in the knee during his attempt to sell the drugs, according to cops. Chapman initially said a man approached him at random and fired one round into his knee – just as his uncle happened to be driving by and able to give him a ride to the ER. Where he showed up in need of an x-ray — which revealed that he had a large bag of crack cocaine concealed in his rear. So, he had the stuff in his butt and he was going to sell it right there on the streets?  Gross

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