Tuesday 9/18

Gerrman monk is probably thinking that now might be a good time to take a vow of silence. It’s a lot easier than having to answer questions about why he was found stumbling through a forest naked. A hiker near the Austrian border called police and reported a disoriented naked man acting strangely in the woods. Authorities arrived and brought him to the hospital – where he was identified as a monk from a nearby town. The man apparently wandered off from his camping ground, ate some hallucinogenic berries and got lost.

A wanted sex offender in Virginia was on the run from cops until his girlfriend inadvertently led cops right to him. The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office was searching for the 29-year-old man. They were also keeping their Facebook page updated, when they suddenly realized that their most recent “Like” was from the creep’s girlfriend. And along with her “Like” was her location. Cops immediately tracked them down and arrested both of them.

A Florida man gave new meaning to the phrase “hot pants” when he was caught burning the packaging off items at a department store and shoving the goods into his trousers. Byron Harvey was nabbed by cops who discovered about $450 worth of stuff, including shoes, hats, cologne and a watch, tucked into his shorts. They also found some unidentified prescription drugs, which Harvey said belonged to his girlfriend, who often wears his pants. Harvey became combative with arresting officers, but soon lost steam, confessing he’d been up for three days “drinking and doing powder and pills.”

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