Twerking Twits

Accord­ing to police, Christie Coura went to Beaver­ton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends. After twerk1Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the park­ing lot and began twerk­ing.  Then things got weird… one of the friend’s allegedly began uri­nat­ing between cars in the park­ing lot while the whole thing was recorded on another friend’s cell phone.  A court employee called the Beaver­ton police and the trio was arrested on mul­ti­ple charges includ­ing dis­or­derly con­duct, cocaine and metham­phet­a­mine pos­ses­sion (OH now this makes sense), and offen­sive littering.

Ohio man Edward Friel, says he reached the end of his rope after nag­ging 17-year-old Justin to get off the couch and help him with the chores – but got no response. To make his point, the elder Friel decided to take a pair of scis­sors and cut through the cord con­nect­ing the inter­net power cord – which uprooted the couch potato long enough for him to punch a hole in a wall!  Friel called 911 and cops responded to the scene, but insisted he didn’t want the teen arrested.

 Texas Cops say Charmelle Henry walked into a con­ve­nience store, threw 75 cents at a worker and demanded a corn dog. But she wasn’t happy with the one she was given and demanded one that wasn’t microwaved. After she received a sec­ond one, she dis­played a knife and threat­ened to stab them “in cold blood” while stab­bing the counter top with her pock­etknife. This was around the time when one employee thought it might be a good idea to call police. Offi­cers arrived with a K-9 unit and appre­hended her. She’s charged with aggra­vated assault with a deadly weapon.


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