Twerking Twits

According to police, Christie Coura went to Beaverton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends. After twerk1Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the parking lot and began twerking.  Then things got weird… one of the friend’s allegedly began urinating between cars in the parking lot while the whole thing was recorded on another friend’s cell phone.  A court employee called the Beaverton police and the trio was arrested on multiple charges including disorderly conduct, cocaine and methamphetamine possession (OH now this makes sense), and offensive littering.

Ohio man Edward Friel, says he reached the end of his rope after nagging 17-year-old Justin to get off the couch and help him with the chores – but got no response. To make his point, the elder Friel decided to take a pair of scissors and cut through the cord connecting the internet power cord – which uprooted the couch potato long enough for him to punch a hole in a wall!  Friel called 911 and cops responded to the scene, but insisted he didn’t want the teen arrested.

 Texas Cops say Charmelle Henry walked into a convenience store, threw 75 cents at a worker and demanded a corn dog. But she wasn’t happy with the one she was given and demanded one that wasn’t microwaved. After she received a second one, she displayed a knife and threatened to stab them “in cold blood” while stabbing the counter top with her pocketknife. This was around the time when one employee thought it might be a good idea to call police. Officers arrived with a K-9 unit and apprehended her. She’s charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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