Urine alot of trouble!

Two British burglars were left with egg on their faces when they caused a five-hour police standoff because they were hungry! The men, who were not identified, smashed a window at a restaurant in northern England and climbed in to grab a quick breakfast quish but that plan got scrambled when cops responded to an alarm. The men apparently panicked and armed themselves with knives from the cafe’s kitchen, and insisted they would not surrender peacefully. The cafe owner says, “When I got there, there was about 15 police cars outside, they were all over the place. There were negotiators and all sorts. They had the riot gear on and Tasers. It was like something you see on the telly.”

wet car seatThe Indian River County Sheriff’s Department said Devin Langford, was arrested on a drunken driving charge and told Deputy Brian Bell during the ride to jail he had to urinate. Langford, who apparently arrest  had “a plethora of empty beer cans” in his truck, asked officer Bell if he could attempt to urinate. Bell wrote in his report that he told Langford to just urinate in his pants. But the suspect managed to work his cuffed hands around to the front of his body, proceeded to pull down his trousers, kneel on the back seat, and attempt to urinate out the rear passenger side window of the moving vehicle. Well, if you’ve ever tried to spit or toss a drink out of a moving vehicle you know what’s coming.  Langford’s poor aim resulted in “his urine landing on the passenger side seat and floorboard” of the patrol car. Langford was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to attend DUI school.  His driver’s license was suspended for six months.

Mario Garcia and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez walked into a Chicago eatery and threatened to shoot the owner, who didn’t believe they had real guns. He actually told them to return later to pick up their takeout order of cash. They agreed! Of course the owner called the cops. Officers with real guns were lying in wait when the two men returned to the scene shortly after midnight. They were charged with attempted robbery and possession of a replica firearm.

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