Sorry, no one's THAT thin!

woman stuck in wallsEmergency responders in China said a woman attempting to take a shortcut between two walls ended up trapped for seven hours! Apparently, the space between the walls narrowed the further she went. Someone finally heard her screams and called firefighters who freed the woman by breaking down one of the walls. The woman was uninjured but probably will only take the long way home from now on. Look at this photo!  I don’t care how skinny you are NO ONE is going to fit in there!

Doctors in Southern California are trying to solve the mystery of a Florida man who was found unconscious in a Palm Springs motel – and awoke with amnesia, an identity that does not match the ID found on him, and the ability to only speak and understand Swedish! The man, 61-year-old Michael Boatwright, woke up claiming his name was Johan Ek. Doctors diagnosed him with something called Transient Global Amnesia, a condition triggered by physical or emotional trauma that can last for several months. He has no idea how to exchange money, take public transportation, or understand English, nor does he recall the existence of his son and two ex-wives!

A burglar in Oklahoma was hauled in by authorities after local cops got a 911 call.  The crook, whose name was not released, butt-dialed the emergency number as he and his accomplice were ransacking the house, which allowed police to listen in as they discussed what items were worth taking and which ones should just be left behind. The burglars were long gone by the time deputies got to the home, but one of the men was caught trying to sell some jewelry to a pawnbroker. 


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