Wednedsay 6/27

In Iowa Cops were called to the scene by the startled victims, who said they were sitting around at the house when the woman came at them with a poop scoop, chasing them outside and causing them to scatter a collection of Beanie Babies, whose ownership is in dispute. The officers escorted the couple from the scene and placed the toys in escrow, pending further investigation. They also found that the scooper was not loaded, but still dangerous because “it still had residue on it.”

John McKennon Wimberley says he agreed to give a highly-intoxicated hitchhiker a ride, but soon got into an altercation with the freeloader. When he pulled over to throw the man out, Wimberley’s dad, who was following along in another vehicle, got involved in the skirmish, leading the hitchhiker to grab a case of brewskis and strike his dad with the case. Rather than hogtie the unidentified man, Wimberley, a professional bull rider, pulled out a .22 and shot him in the leg, inflicting a minor wound, but and racking up a felony assault charge.

Police said the 50-year-old woman, whose name was not released, called police after a night of heavy drinking in Gothenburg and said she had committed a murder and wanted to turn herself in.  Well, the woman admitted that she lied when police arrived, telling them she was just trying to get a free ride home.  Officers didn’t take her home but did give her a ride  to a local detox center instead.

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