Wednedsay 6/27

In Iowa Cops were called to the scene by the star­tled vic­tims, who said they were sit­ting around at the house when the woman came at them with a poop scoop, chas­ing them out­side and caus­ing them to scat­ter a col­lec­tion of Beanie Babies, whose own­er­ship is in dis­pute. The offi­cers escorted the cou­ple from the scene and placed the toys in escrow, pend­ing fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion. They also found that the scooper was not loaded, but still dan­ger­ous because “it still had residue on it.”

John McKen­non Wim­ber­ley says he agreed to give a highly-intoxicated hitch­hiker a ride, but soon got into an alter­ca­tion with the free­loader. When he pulled over to throw the man out, Wimberley’s dad, who was fol­low­ing along in another vehi­cle, got involved in the skir­mish, lead­ing the hitch­hiker to grab a case of brewskis and strike his dad with the case. Rather than hogtie the uniden­ti­fied man, Wim­ber­ley, a pro­fes­sional bull rider, pulled out a .22 and shot him in the leg, inflict­ing a minor wound, but and rack­ing up a felony assault charge.

Police said the 50-year-old woman, whose name was not released, called police after a night of heavy drink­ing in Gothen­burg and said she had com­mit­ted a mur­der and wanted to turn her­self in.  Well, the woman admit­ted that she lied when police arrived, telling them she was just try­ing to get a free ride home.  Offi­cers didn’t take her home but did give her a ride  to a local detox cen­ter instead.

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