Wednedsay 7/25

See­ing a male strip­per dressed as cop isn’t any­thing new – but hav­ing one pull you over for a traf­fic vio­la­tion, well, that’s another story. A 17-year-old Nebraska woman says she was dri­ving near Lin­coln when she saw flash­ing lights in her rearview mir­ror and heard sirens, lead­ing her to pull to the side of the road. The man who was dri­ving the other vehi­cle iden­ti­fied him­self as a police offi­cer and asked for her license and reg­is­tra­tion, and as she turned to hand them to him, she noticed that he had unbut­toned his shirt and was reach­ing for his belt – then told her he was prac­tic­ing his Magic Mike rou­tine. She sped off unharmed, but author­i­ties still intend to pur­sue the man, say­ing, “Any imper­son­ation is obvi­ously con­cern­ing to the police depart­ment. Even though it took an amus­ing turn, it’s impor­tant to get this out there.”


Everyone’s annoyed when it rains cats and dogs, but a Chi­nese restau­rant owner had a much worse expe­ri­ence when a giant tur­tle rained from the sky and nearly killed him. Yao Chen stepped out­side his eatery to chat with cus­tomers when the over-sized amphib­ian escaped from its cage and crawled out onto a sixth floor bal­cony – where it lost its foot­ing and tum­bled over the side. The 30 pound crea­ture plum­meted more than 40 feet and landed on Chen’s foot, break­ing one of his toes. A few inches to the left, and it would have caved in the man’s skull! The tur­tle had to be euth­a­nized as a result of its injuries, but Chen declined to take advan­tage of that sit­u­a­tion, despite the advice of some onlook­ers. He said, “Cus­tomers were telling me to make a soup with it, but I didn’t want any more bad luck. It prob­a­bly would have poi­soned my guests or something.”


A Cana­dian man ended up in the hos­pi­tal after end­ing up on the los­ing end of a game of cat and mouse. Dale Whit­mell was on a camp­ing trip when the mouse scur­ried into his sights, caus­ing his inner Elmer Fudd to spring into action. Whit­mell decided that the best approach for get­ting rid of the rodent was to crush it with the butt of his rifle – a move that back­fired when the gun hit the ground and fired, graz­ing him in the fore­head with one round. He sus­tained only a super­fi­cial wound and was quickly released from the hos­pi­tal and booked on gun charges.

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