Wednedsay 7/25

Seeing a male stripper dressed as cop isn’t anything new – but having one pull you over for a traffic violation, well, that’s another story. A 17-year-old Nebraska woman says she was driving near Lincoln when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror and heard sirens, leading her to pull to the side of the road. The man who was driving the other vehicle identified himself as a police officer and asked for her license and registration, and as she turned to hand them to him, she noticed that he had unbuttoned his shirt and was reaching for his belt – then told her he was practicing his Magic Mike routine. She sped off unharmed, but authorities still intend to pursue the man, saying, “Any impersonation is obviously concerning to the police department. Even though it took an amusing turn, it’s important to get this out there.”


Everyone’s annoyed when it rains cats and dogs, but a Chinese restaurant owner had a much worse experience when a giant turtle rained from the sky and nearly killed him. Yao Chen stepped outside his eatery to chat with customers when the over-sized amphibian escaped from its cage and crawled out onto a sixth floor balcony – where it lost its footing and tumbled over the side. The 30 pound creature plummeted more than 40 feet and landed on Chen’s foot, breaking one of his toes. A few inches to the left, and it would have caved in the man’s skull! The turtle had to be euthanized as a result of its injuries, but Chen declined to take advantage of that situation, despite the advice of some onlookers. He said, “Customers were telling me to make a soup with it, but I didn’t want any more bad luck. It probably would have poisoned my guests or something.”


A Canadian man ended up in the hospital after ending up on the losing end of a game of cat and mouse. Dale Whitmell was on a camping trip when the mouse scurried into his sights, causing his inner Elmer Fudd to spring into action. Whitmell decided that the best approach for getting rid of the rodent was to crush it with the butt of his rifle – a move that backfired when the gun hit the ground and fired, grazing him in the forehead with one round. He sustained only a superficial wound and was quickly released from the hospital and booked on gun charges.

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