Wednesday 10/10

Police in Britain spot­ted the plant out­side of a Bed­ford, Eng­land, home and the elderly cou­ple told them they had pur­chased the plant at a flea mar­ket, not know­ing it was a mar­i­juana plant. Police said the plant was seized and the cou­ple will not face any legal action but Bed­ford Police posted on the department’s Twit­ter account, “Seized today. Elderly cou­ple bought shrub at car boot sale, tended care­fully — biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!”

A passer-by called cops after spot­ting Ray­mond Gar­cia engaged in a one-sided box­ing match with a street cor­ner stop sign, but when offi­cers stepped in to stop the fight, Gar­cia kept punch­ing – and con­tin­ued to duke it out even after being tasered and pepper-sprayed. The reac­tion, or lack of reac­tion, led a police spokesper­son to say, “This per­son had to be on some sort of drug pos­si­bly that was not allow­ing his sys­tem to react nor­mally. “Offi­cers were finally able to sub­due Gar­cia and he was jailed on charged of aggra­vated assault against a peace offi­cer and resist­ing arrest.

Edward Arch­bold was, accord­ing to those who met him on Fri­day night, the life of the party – a bit of a showoff who was up for any­thing, even a giant cockroach-eating con­test. He won. And then, trag­i­cally, he died. Accord­ing to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Arch­bold, of West Palm Beach, and sev­eral other con­tes­tants signed up to eat a vari­ety of insects at Ben Siegel Rep­tiles in Deer­field Beach. After eat­ing dozens of giant cock­roaches, Arch­bold was declared the win­ner of an ivory-ball python. He had also entered a superworm-eating con­test ear­lier in the night.  But after win­ning, Arch­bold felt sick and started vom­it­ing. He then col­lapsed in the store and was later pro­nounced dead.

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