Wednesday 10/24

A woman in Wales is awash with fear when it comes to the toilet. 20-year-old Ney Decino is petrified of the porcelain god, especially when it flushes. “I flush the loo and then run out of the bathroom unless someone is with me,” Ney says. “The sound of the water sends shivers down my spine. It’s awful. I swear it will swallow me up.” Apparently Ney saw Look Whose Talking Too when she was 11 and there’s a scene in there with a character called “The Toilet Man” that totally freaked her out. If you feel the same way, you can join her Facebook group called Scared Of The Toilet Flush.

A seven-year-old New York boy can breathe a sigh of relief now that he’s no longer getting in trouble in school. For weeks, Hector Flores had been angering teachers and disrupting class by continuously making whistling noises. Doctors slid a camera into his lungs and it turns out the kid couldn’t help but whistle!  Apparently while swimming in a pool last month he inhaled a small whistle which belonged inside a rubber duck! The noisemaker whistled every time he laughed or breathed heavily. The boy underwent surgery and the device was successfully removed.

According to Syracuse police Arthur Bundrage went into Alliance Bank and demanded that a teller hand over $20,000.  At first the teller refused, but eventually handed the weaponless Bundrage an undisclosed amount of cash which wasn’t exactly the $20,000 he’d asked for. When Bundrage realized he’d been shortchanged, he returned to the bank … while officers were there responding to the robbery. He was quickly arrested and charged with fourth-degree grand larceny.

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