Wednesday 10/3

Students in a college calculus class got a lesson in anatomy and an eye full when their professor stripped off all of his clothes in front of the class. Michigan State University police received a call about a man yelling in the school’s engineering building. They soon discovered the male professor standing buck naked in front of his class. The professor, whose name wasn’t released and students described as “eccentric,” was taken to a local hospital.

If nothing else, a Pennsylvania man got his daily requirement of greens when he tried to destroy evidence by eating a plant. According to Scranton police Jeremiah Carmody tried to eat a whole pot plant after officers showed up at his house to serve a warrant. Cops wound up seizing the remains of the Cannabis, along with four pounds of pot, $2,600 in cash and drug paraphernalia. Carmody faces several drug-related charges.

19-year-old girl in India visited her doctor complaining of a loss of appetite, and by the time she left, it was her doctor who had lost his appetite. After a thorough examination, doctors concluded that the reason she wasn’t able to eat or drink anything for a few days was because there was a four-pound hairball in her stomach. It seems the girl’s unusual habit of eating her hair and chalk while sitting in class had caught up with her. A team of doctors operated on her and successfully removed the hairy heap.

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