Wednesday 11/28

Massachusetts store owner Saadat Khan was confronted by a gun-wielding crook he pretended to co-operate, moving behind the counter and toward the cash register. But instead of opening the register to get the dough the man demanded, he grabbed a cup of spicy red pepper powder that he keeps on hand to kick his meals up a notch. Stunned, the unidentified suspect fled and is still at large.  Look for the dude with the red face and puffy eyes.

Texas man Joseph Rose was hanging out in his front yard when he was approached by a buck, which seemed friendly. He approached the deer, thinking they could become friends, but the buck had other ideas, charging at him and forcing him into the bed of his pickup truck.  The animal added insult to injury by stealing and eating a pack of smokes that Rose dropped during the chase. A game warden arrived soon afterward and subdued the animal.

Deputies in Washington State who answered a call about gunfire say they were greeted at the door by a 41-year-old man, who told them he had fired a weapon in self-defense after someone tried to run him over outside his home. Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Greg Elwin says investigators asked to look around and found a floor-to-ceiling brass pole complete with exotic dancer. In another room they discovered  two 5-foot long alligators crawling around.  Turns out they were protection for his huge marijuana grow area.”  They arrested the 41-year-old man for investigation of
attempted murder and called County Animal Control officials to take care of the gators.

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