Wednesday 1/16

A cleaning lady in Sweden managed to board and start an unoccupied train at a station, and after reaching the last stop on the line, the train went off the tracks and into a house smack dab in the middle of the kitchen!  Though it caused extensive damage to the home, no one inside was injured. But The Local reports that a woman, presumably the driver, was trapped in the wreckage for two hours. The driver is now in the hospital with serious injuries; she’s also facing charges of public devastation. As of yesterday afternoon, the train was still inside the house.

Artists don’t usually like to hear that their work is a pile of crap, but for one Russian guy, it happens to be true. Mikhail Bopposov is a cattle farmer and he finally decided to do something good with all the leftover cow dung he had lying around. He took 880 pounds of it and made a giant sculpture of a cobra. He says he did it so that the local kids in the village can have something to play with. How boring is your village when your biggest source of entertainment is a big, frozen mound of cow pie? Anyway, he says he chose a cobra to celebrate the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Snake. All we know is, we wouldn’t be looking forward to the spring thaw.

A pizza restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska, didn’t used to have a drive-thru – but now they do thanks to an elderly man with a lead foot and a big appetite. Cops say the old man failed to stop in the parking lot and proceeded to crash right through the front door and into the restaurant. When people rushed to the car to see if he was OK, he sat in the driver’s seat and very calmly placed his pizza order. Cops arrived at the scene and took him to the hospital as a precaution. Luckily, no one was hurt and he never got his pizza.

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