Wednesday 11/7

A Utah man says he saw Big­foot while camp­ing in Provo Canyon.
The man, posted a video to YouTube of what he says he believes may be Big­foot! The man said he and a friend were hik­ing near Squaw Peak and Lit­tle Rock Canyon Over­look when they spot­ted what they believed to be a bear. But when “the mon­ster stood up and looked right at us, we had been stand­ing there for awhile. We had thought it was a bear up to that point but when it stood up and looked at us it was just mas­sive ani­mal. We don’t know what it was. I mean none of us really believe in Big­foot but we’ve talked about it over and over again since then. All of us are pos­i­tive that thing wasn’t a bear.”  P.S.  They fled.

Police say an Omni Air pilot climbed into a stranger’s rental car at Seattle-Tacoma Inter­na­tional Air­port and refused to leave even after the dri­ver pulled a hand­gun, the Seat­tle Times reports. After a scuf­fle in which the sus­pect was hit sev­eral times with the hand­gun, the dri­ver left the vehi­cle. The sus­pect chased the dri­ver (who still had the gun) around the vehi­cle sev­eral times before mak­ing off with the car. Cops found the blood­ied pilot and the car in a nearby park­ing lot soon after­ward and he was charged with car theft and DUI.

Heather and Frank Laudo of Flower Mound were dri­ving on the road along­side an air­port run­way at North­west Regional Air­port near Roanoke, VA when some­thing heavy landed on the top of their vehi­cle!  It was the land­ing gear of a single-engine Cessna! Frank thought, “Wow, he’s a lit­tle low.” Frank said he and his wife were able to walk away from the crash with only a few cuts, scrapes and skull sta­ples. “In the scheme of things, every­body is OK, and we count our­selves very, very lucky,” he said. William Davis, the stu­dent pilot oper­at­ing the plane, was able to land the air­craft on its belly and was not seri­ously injured.

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