Wednesday 1/18

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You want fries with that shake? – A Los Angeles woman tried to give a whole new meaning to the phrase “happy meal” by approaching men at a McDonald’s drive-through and offering sexual favors in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.  Khadijah Baseer was spotted opening car doors at random in order to propose her trade, but she found no takers. One customer took the time to inform cops of the fast-times for fast-food offer — and Baseer was quickly taken into custody.

Great shot, lousy idea – A farmer opened fire with a hunting rifle when he heard rustling on his land, believing it was a pack of coyotes.  Unfortunately it was a 17 year old unpacking his paintball gun from his car.  Brandon Spangler collapsed and was declared dead at the scene. The farmer had given the Spangler family permission to use the land for a paintball outing, but didn’t know they had arrived.  But, he knew they were coming.

Look both ways and in front of you – Chicago Tribune reported police were notified about a man possibly driving drunk in an alley on the city’s Northwest Side.  The man, identified as 24-year-old Arsenio Garcia, drove the wrong way down a one-way street and crashed into a police vehicle that was answering the call!  After the crash, Garcia opened his door and fell out of the car, wearing only skivvies and socks and it turns out he had no insurance.  That sounds like a night on the town.  “ I’ve been drinking practically naked in the confines of my own home and right now seems like the perfect time to ride in around in my car without insurance.”

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