Wednesday 12/14

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Effin, Ireland – Ann Marie Kennedy, who joined the social networking site in June, says that she’s being discriminated against because some folks use her town’s name as shorthand for a frowned upon four-letter word. She says “I’m a proud Effin woman. There are other Effin people around the world, and they want to put down that Effin is their home town.” Facebook is reportedly taking a new look at the Effin decision.

That’s one FAT raccoon! – Wisconsin woman, Sue Ripple, said she was preparing for bed about 8 p.m. Saturday when she heard a noise coming from her kitchen and took her cane to investigate.  “I got a surprise, boy oh boy,” Ripple said. “I went into the kitchen. There was a big frickin’ hole in the ceiling. A raccoon fell through it. That sucker!” Ripple said the raccoon made a further mess by trying to scale her walls back up to the hole.  The raccoon eventually settled in behind her refrigerator and she used some boards to barricade him in the kitchen for the night. A sheriff’s deputy arrived about 7:30 a.m. Sunday and attempted to coax the raccoon out of its hiding place, but it refused to budge. She said her son, Nick got rid of the raccoon by chasing it into a small, empty freezer and dragging the freezer to the front door, where the animal fled. Ripple said her son helped her clean up and patch the ceiling.

Do not pass go & do not collect…pot? – Devonte Jeter had been nabbed with a sizeable amount of marijuana in his car, but his lawyer floated the possibility that the pot actually belonged to someone who’d ridden in Jeter’s car. But as he was set to be released, Jeter asked if he could take the pot with him when he went home. The judge, oddly, said no — and ordered Jeter held over for trial.

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