Wednesday 12/19

A Chi­nese man whose name was not released, started off at the air­port secu­rity check wear­ing a nor­mal amount of cloth­ing, but after hear­ing that he would have to pay over­weight fees, he began tak­ing clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stop­ping when he got to nine pairs of jeans and more than 60 shirts. The plan ended up wear­ing thin, how­ever, when he had to dis­robe all over again for a body search – since the bat­ter­ies and USB dri­ves in his pock­ets set off metal detectors.

A brawl erupted after Scott Hall left his garage to check on a car that had pulled into his dri­ve­way, and says that Roger Oates leapt from the vehi­cle and imme­di­ately tried to pin him to the ground before sink­ing his teeth into Hall’s fore­head and bit­ing off a per­fectly good eye­brow. Pri­vate eyes who were watch­ing the exchange called cops, who came to break it up.

A North Car­olina man, iden­ti­fied only as “Frank,” appar­ently has a habit of get­ting drunk and fash­ion­ing a cape out of his shirt – a stunt he pulled at the bar where he was drink­ing. He then found his way home­ward, but ended up going into a neigh­bor­ing town­house, where he spun around in cir­cles until he passed out and peed on him­self. Later The neigh­bor slipped a note under his door, which read, “Your wal­let is at our house with your money, credit cards, etc. It would be cour­te­ous of you to please steam clean the car­pet and couch you peed on. Don’t worry, dude, we think it’s pretty funny.”

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