Wednesday 12/19

A Chinese man whose name was not released, started off at the airport security check wearing a normal amount of clothing, but after hearing that he would have to pay overweight fees, he began taking clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stopping when he got to nine pairs of jeans and more than 60 shirts. The plan ended up wearing thin, however, when he had to disrobe all over again for a body search – since the batteries and USB drives in his pockets set off metal detectors.

A brawl erupted after Scott Hall left his garage to check on a car that had pulled into his driveway, and says that Roger Oates leapt from the vehicle and immediately tried to pin him to the ground before sinking his teeth into Hall’s forehead and biting off a perfectly good eyebrow. Private eyes who were watching the exchange called cops, who came to break it up.

A North Carolina man, identified only as “Frank,” apparently has a habit of getting drunk and fashioning a cape out of his shirt – a stunt he pulled at the bar where he was drinking. He then found his way homeward, but ended up going into a neighboring townhouse, where he spun around in circles until he passed out and peed on himself. Later The neighbor slipped a note under his door, which read, “Your wallet is at our house with your money, credit cards, etc. It would be courteous of you to please steam clean the carpet and couch you peed on. Don’t worry, dude, we think it’s pretty funny.”

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