Wednesday 1/25

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1, 2 punch - AnIlli­nois man found him­self behind bars after call­ing 911 to report a fight.  Well, more like pick a fight.  John Pacella dialed the emer­gency num­ber to say he needed to have cops sent to his address because he wanted to fight them. The dis­patcher, eager to keep a cit­i­zen happy, obliged and sent a pair of deputies to Pacella’s place, lead­ing him to imme­di­ately start flail­ing at them. The 38-year-old remains behind bars, charged with aggra­vated bat­tery, resist­ing a police offi­cer, and bat­tery with intent to pro­voke or insult.

Mile “high” club - Adam Blu­menkranz was on a Jet­Blue flight from Fort Laud­erdale to Newark, New Jer­sey, when he aroused flight crew sus­pi­cions by drop­ping a Ziploc bag on the floor on his way to the loo.  He picked up his par­cel and retreated to the bath­room, where a “strong odor of mar­i­juana” began seep­ing through the door. The crew noti­fied author­i­ties, who arrested Blu­menkranz upon arrival. He said he had done noth­ing wrong, since he had a med­ical mar­i­juana card in his pos­ses­sion. Yeah, ask Mon­tel about that one…

10 points! - The Polk,Florida County Sheriff’s Office said deputies received reports of a Kia Sor­rento dri­ving errat­i­cally.  When the vehi­cle finally came to a stop it struck a parked patrol car while the deputy was putting out a spike strip in an attempt to stop him!  He also hit 5 other cars along the way!  No seri­ous injuries were reported and Cur­tis Gunter ofFort­Meade was arrested.

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