Wednesday 1/6

This is why bubble wrap has it’s own appreciation day: A spokesman for the Boston Fire Department said a Boston construction worker fell 30 feet off a building and survived because he landed in a pile of bubble wrap taken from the construction site’s scaffolding! The worker became lodged in the bubble wrap and needed to be cut free. The man suffered back and shoulder injuries from the fall, but the injuries were not considered serious, the spokesman said.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger. Or…several. High school students in El Monte Union High School in LA were participating in a harmless game of tug of war during recess with about 40 others when their rope snapped and two students severed multiple fingers! The students have undergone surgery to reattach the severed digits.

pants on fireA Florida man gave new meaning to the phrase “hot pants!”  Jorge Perez called 911 seeking medical assistance after an incident in which he accidentally shot himself in the groin with a flare gun. Apparently, he didn’t think was loaded and for whatever reason he fired a round into the floor of his living room, only to have it bounce up and sear his privates!  He said he’d been fooling around with the gun before it was loaded, and forgot that he subsequently put in a round.  He was taken to the hospital with severe burns, but it’s unclear whether or not he’d face charges.

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