Wednesday 1/6

This is why bub­ble wrap has it’s own appre­ci­a­tion day: A spokesman for the Boston Fire Depart­ment said a Boston con­struc­tion worker fell 30 feet off a build­ing and sur­vived because he landed in a pile of bub­ble wrap taken from the con­struc­tion site’s scaf­fold­ing! The worker became lodged in the bub­ble wrap and needed to be cut free. The man suf­fered back and shoul­der injuries from the fall, but the injuries were not con­sid­ered seri­ous, the spokesman said.

It’s all fun and games until some­one loses a fin­ger. Or…several. High school stu­dents in El Monte Union High School in LA were par­tic­i­pat­ing in a harm­less game of tug of war dur­ing recess with about 40 oth­ers when their rope snapped and two stu­dents sev­ered mul­ti­ple fin­gers! The stu­dents have under­gone surgery to reat­tach the sev­ered digits.

pants on fireA Florida man gave new mean­ing to the phrase “hot pants!”  Jorge Perez called 911 seek­ing med­ical assis­tance after an inci­dent in which he acci­den­tally shot him­self in the groin with a flare gun. Appar­ently, he didn’t think was loaded and for what­ever rea­son he fired a round into the floor of his liv­ing room, only to have it bounce up and sear his pri­vates!  He said he’d been fool­ing around with the gun before it was loaded, and for­got that he sub­se­quently put in a round.  He was taken to the hos­pi­tal with severe burns, but it’s unclear whether or not he’d face charges.

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