Wednesday 2/1

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Not the snake charmer she thought she was — Madis­ons police said the 31-year-old woman was attend­ing a book club meet­ing and decided to take Annie, a 12-year-old ball python mea­sur­ing about 4 feet long, out of its ter­rar­ium. She appar­ently had prior expe­ri­ence han­dling snakes and had no rea­son to believe she was putting her­self in dan­ger.  “How­ever, the non-venomous snake bit into the woman’s right cheek and refused to dis­en­gage until the owner was able to remove it! The women ended up with no scars and no last­ing emo­tional trauma.”

Murse - A woman told­Boyn­ton Beach police she was using the restroom at Two Georges restau­rant and a woman reached over from the next stall and grabbed her purse from the back of the toi­let!  Police said the purse con­tained a cell phone, $500 cash, a $2,000 check, check books and credit cards. Inves­ti­ga­tors said a man and a woman were seen flee­ing the area on bicy­cles and a man was later appre­hended when he was found to be in pos­ses­sion of the stolen now man-purse.

What do you do with a drunken Sailor? - Drunken Sailor Dal­ton Pier­son left a friend’sBremerton,WA apart­ment early Sun­day after con­sum­ing a good amount of alco­hol and walked into an apart­ment and uri­nated on the floor.  Turns out it wasn’t his apart­ment and 81 year old Eve­lyn Whit­ney said she was awak­ened by Pier­son climb­ing into bed with her. Her son heard her scream­ing and he dialed 911. Deputies said they arrived and awoke Pier­son to find he was “vis­i­bly intox­i­cated” and didn’t real­ize he was in the wrong apart­ment. Pier­son was released to his friends.

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