Wednesday 2/15

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Not so squeaky clean - A Min­nesota man couldn’t quite make a clean get­away after a year-long steal­ing spree in which he lifted more than $25,000 worth of deter­gent from a super­mar­ket near his home. Patrick Paul Costanzo snuck the suds out of the store a few bot­tles at a time, stock­pil­ing enough Tide to do more than 80,000 loads of laun­dry in the process. He was finally arrested last week after police exam­ined secu­rity tape that showed him steal­ing the deter­gent four or five days a week for the entire month of Jan­u­ary and the first week in February.

Crack got your tongue? - A west­ern Penn­syl­va­nia man is jailed on drug charges because police say some­thing other than a con­fes­sion came out of his mouth when he was hit with a stun gun. The Beaver County Times reports that 56-year-old Frank Lee Turner was mum­bling when police stopped the car in which he was a pas­sen­ger.  Police say he strug­gled with police and was hit with the stun gun — only to have 23 indi­vid­u­ally wrapped pieces of crack cocaine fly out of his mouth!

Out of the closet - Rosa Dene­gris walked to her closet after tak­ing a shower and she heard snor­ing com­ing from the closet, where she came face to face with Jason Wayo. Alarmed, she called her retired cop neigh­bor, and he obliged, sub­du­ing Wayo despite the fact that the thug had pulled a gun. Turns out Wayo’s had quite an event­ful day that included two other home inva­sion rob­beries and the theft of four vehi­cles, which he crashed or abandoned.

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