Wednesday 2/15

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Not so squeaky clean – A Minnesota man couldn’t quite make a clean getaway after a year-long stealing spree in which he lifted more than $25,000 worth of detergent from a supermarket near his home. Patrick Paul Costanzo snuck the suds out of the store a few bottles at a time, stockpiling enough Tide to do more than 80,000 loads of laundry in the process. He was finally arrested last week after police examined security tape that showed him stealing the detergent four or five days a week for the entire month of January and the first week in February.

Crack got your tongue? – A western Pennsylvania man is jailed on drug charges because police say something other than a confession came out of his mouth when he was hit with a stun gun. The Beaver County Times reports that 56-year-old Frank Lee Turner was mumbling when police stopped the car in which he was a passenger.  Police say he struggled with police and was hit with the stun gun — only to have 23 individually wrapped pieces of crack cocaine fly out of his mouth!

Out of the closet – Rosa Denegris walked to her closet after taking a shower and she heard snoring coming from the closet, where she came face to face with Jason Wayo. Alarmed, she called her retired cop neighbor, and he obliged, subduing Wayo despite the fact that the thug had pulled a gun. Turns out Wayo’s had quite an eventful day that included two other home invasion robberies and the theft of four vehicles, which he crashed or abandoned.

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