Wednesday 2/8

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A California crook ended up behind bars after trying to rob a local bank by saying he had a bomb — when he only had a cholesterol bomb!

Daniel Hegwood walked into the Wells Fargo branch carrying a bag that he claimed contained a bomb. He demanded and received cash, then fled, leaving the package– which a bomb squad investigator determined contained two McDonald’s apple pies.

Cops tracked him down in a nearby parking lot, at which point he insisted the bomb was actually in his backpack — which turned out to contain nothing more than the cash he’d stolen from the bank.



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — especially when it’s soaked in booze. That’s the message sent by a Pennsylvania man who was busted on a DUI charge — as he was going to post bail for his son, who was being held for driving while intoxicated.

Timothy Smith drove about 10 miles to pick up his son, whose name was not released. While he was preparing to fork over the bail money to spring the younger Smith, a trooper noticed a strong smell of alcohol and informed him he’d be joining his son behind bars.

Fitting, since he’d apparently joined him inside bars in the past.



A Montana man has been hit with a $1,000 fine after leading police on a high speed chase — just for the heck of it.

John Hughes tailgated a police cruiser for about seven blocks in order to get the attention of the deputy inside, then pulled around and took off — getting up to 100 miles per hour at his peak. The cop gave chase on the interstate for the better part of an hour before Hughes’ car was disabled by a spike strip.

When asked what the whole thing was about, Hughes replied, “I just always wanted to do that.”

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