Wednesday 3/21

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What’s the buzzz about? – Tommy and Cristi Hill of Brighton said they left the Chevy at home while they went out to eat and shop Saturday and returned to find bees swarming under the hood and over the windshield of the vehicle.  The Hills said they do not want to kill the bees, so they tried strategies including driving the vehicle 60 to 65 mph down U.S. 51 and taking the Chevy through a car wash.  The couple said the bees returned each time.  Local beekeeper Bill Hughes said he tried to lure the bees into hives loaded in the back of his pickup truck, but “they’ve decided that car is their home.” Hughes estimated there are 25,000 bees swarming the car and a queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day. The beekeeper told the couple to scare the bees off with a garden hose after dark and then park the car at least half a mile away. “There’s no telling what they’ll do,” Hughes said. He said the insects may just wait in a nearby tree for the Chevy to return.

Barely there  – Detroit area cops are just a hair away from arresting a man on indecent exposure charges — for wandering into salons and asking for a Brazilian wax!  The pervy perp has gone to almost a dozen places with his oddball request, making sure to give employees a good look at the areas he’s requesting work on since all he had on was a pair of sheer pantyhose! “The man walked to both sides of the counter, apparently so that everyone could clearly see him,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. 

Unmentionables – A drunk dude livened up a karaoke night at a Florida Applebee’s by delivering a performance that was not only unplugged — it was unclothed.  Jeffrey Thompson hopped onstage to sing and became “very involved with his performance,” according to one man who was there as Thompson became unhinged and began stripping off his clothing. When a manager turned off the music to calm him down, he threw a punch, knocking the employee out cold.  A cop who was eating at the restaurant at the time, chased Thompson down and arrested him.  I hope he washed his hands before going back to his meal!

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