Wednesday 3/28

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Book me - 19-year-old Bri­ana Ross from Hol­ly­wood, Florida, might just be the youngest female sports bookie in gam­bling his­tory.  She was busted for book­mak­ing and run­ning a gam­bling house out of check cash­ing store.  Amaz­ingly, she was bring­ing in $10,000 a day or more in bets, which would have ended up per­son­ally earn­ing her about $300,000 a year – if she would have been able to keep the gig run­ning with­out get­ting busted.  Don’t you wish your chil­dren were so ambitious?

Super­hero com­mu­nity ser­vice - Police in Mary­land said they pulled over a black Lam­borgh­ini because the vehi­cle had no tags, and imag­ine their sur­prise when out from behind the wheel pops The Dark Knight! aka busi­ness­man Lenny Robin­son of Owings Mills who said he was dressed as Bat­man because he was on his way to visit chil­dren in a hospital.

Run­ning bare down the side­walk - William Bliss was ques­tioned after cops received numer­ous calls about an agi­tated, naked man on the street. When con­fronted, he said he’d been forced to come in con­tact with a war­head then admit­ted his story might have some­thing to do with the fact that he’d downed nine beers and sev­eral shots of vodka.  Author­i­ties went to the address Bliss gave them for the sus­pected bomb, but found nothing.

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