Wednesday 3/28

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Book me – 19-year-old Briana Ross from Hollywood, Florida, might just be the youngest female sports bookie in gambling history.  She was busted for bookmaking and running a gambling house out of check cashing store.  Amazingly, she was bringing in $10,000 a day or more in bets, which would have ended up personally earning her about $300,000 a year — if she would have been able to keep the gig running without getting busted.  Don’t you wish your children were so ambitious?

Superhero community service – Police in Maryland said they pulled over a black Lamborghini because the vehicle had no tags, and imagine their surprise when out from behind the wheel pops The Dark Knight! aka businessman Lenny Robinson of Owings Mills who said he was dressed as Batman because he was on his way to visit children in a hospital.

Running bare down the sidewalk – William Bliss was questioned after cops received numerous calls about an agitated, naked man on the street. When confronted, he said he’d been forced to come in contact with a warhead then admitted his story might have something to do with the fact that he’d downed nine beers and several shots of vodka.  Authorities went to the address Bliss gave them for the suspected bomb, but found nothing.

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