Wednesday 4/11

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Grandpas got junk in his trunk – German police said a 72-year-old man who allowed his 9-year-old granddaughter to ride in the trunk of his car forgot she was there and went for a walk. The man told police his granddaughter had asked to ride in the trunk of his car on the way to SorpeLakeand when he arrived at the lake he was so distracted by the scenery that he forgot she was in the vehicle and went for his walk! A police spokesman said passersby heard the girl pounding and calling for help from inside the trunk and summoned officers, who were able to open the trunk with the help of firefighters. The man was given a warning and promised not to let anyone ride in his trunk in the future.

 What a boob! – A South Dakota woman made a real boob of herself by breaking into a home that wasn’t hers.  The owner, who was not identified, was awakened by her dogs, and found Rebecca Silva sleeping at the foot of her bed. When roused, the intruder immediately went over to the woman’s two-month-old baby and attempted to breast-feed her. Silva insisted she was invited into the home, saying, “She gave me her pajamas. She lied to the cops that I broke into her house. I did not try to feed her baby. That didn’t happen.”

T n A at the airport – The TSA had their hands full at Denver International Airport when a woman stripped down naked in the middle of the terminal! Sources at the scene say the woman had been smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area inside Concourse B around 8:45 AM (with her clothes on) and airport staffers asked her to put out her butt. That’s when the woman inexplicably took off all of her clothes and nonchalantly asked the airport staffer if she could reprint her boarding pass. Airport security responded to the scene but the woman was not arrested, instead she was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

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