Wednesday 4/18


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Fire sucks – Firefighters in Sweden say a man, was attempting to suck gas out of his car with a vacuum to fuel his snow blower. Well, the vacuum caught on fire and he chucked it out of his garage where it proceeded to blow up and catch his car on fire! He then called for help and evacuated his sleeping family from the house. Firefighters said they extinguished the flames, but the car was burnt out and the garage sustained damage from the smoke.

Butt Busters – Patrons of a bar in Birmingham, England, have been dealing with a ghost who’s a real pain in the butt — because he spends most of his time grabbing theirs!  Customers have witnessed chairs moving on their own, heard footsteps when the pub is empty and seen plumes of smoke swirling around — but the spirit, who locals have nicknamed “Grasper, The Friendly Ghost,” is most interested in pinching ladies’ bums. The owners are seeking out an exorcist, but one of the pub’s regulars says, “It was a little scary, but I suppose there are worse things that a ghost could do to you.”

This guy’s fishy AND stupid – Ian Arthur Mulvanerton, was in a Publix grocery store when he went into an employees-only area, entered a walk-cooler, and walked out with 6 bags of frozen salmon. Employees spotted him and told him to stop and hand over the fish, which he did and then left. But then stupid took over again when he broke the mirror off of a car … while trying to break into it!  Martin County Sheriff’s deputies wound up reeling in Mulvanerton on a bunch of charges — including burglary, retail theft, criminal mischief and not surprisingly possession of drug paraphernalia.

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