Wednesday 4/18


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Fire sucks - Fire­fight­ers in Swe­den say a man, was attempt­ing to suck gas out of his car with a vac­uum to fuel his snow blower. Well, the vac­uum caught on fire and he chucked it out of his garage where it pro­ceeded to blow up and catch his car on fire! He then called for help and evac­u­ated his sleep­ing fam­ily from the house. Fire­fight­ers said they extin­guished the flames, but the car was burnt out and the garage sus­tained dam­age from the smoke.

Butt Busters — Patrons of a bar in Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land, have been deal­ing with a ghost who’s a real pain in the butt — because he spends most of his time grab­bing theirs!  Cus­tomers have wit­nessed chairs mov­ing on their own, heard foot­steps when the pub is empty and seen plumes of smoke swirling around — but the spirit, who locals have nick­named “Grasper, The Friendly Ghost,” is most inter­ested in pinch­ing ladies’ bums. The own­ers are seek­ing out an exor­cist, but one of the pub’s reg­u­lars says, “It was a lit­tle scary, but I sup­pose there are worse things that a ghost could do to you.”

This guy’s fishy AND stu­pid - Ian Arthur Mul­van­er­ton, was in a Pub­lix gro­cery store when he went into an employees-only area, entered a walk-cooler, and walked out with 6 bags of frozen salmon. Employ­ees spot­ted him and told him to stop and hand over the fish, which he did and then left. But then stu­pid took over again when he broke the mir­ror off of a car … while try­ing to break into it!  Mar­tin County Sheriff’s deputies wound up reel­ing in Mul­van­er­ton on a bunch of charges – includ­ing bur­glary, retail theft, crim­i­nal mis­chief and not sur­pris­ingly pos­ses­sion of drug paraphernalia.

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