Wednesday 4/4

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Eye for an eye & a foot for jail time – Harold Calloway was shot about 2 a.m. as Kentucky fans were celebrating Kentucky’s 67-59 victory over Kansas on Monday night. The shooting happened after some people in a vehicle had exchanged words with some bystanders. A person on the sidewalk opened fire with a handgun, shooting Calloway in his foot as he exited the vehicle. Unfortunately, because of the extent of the injuries, his foot had to be amputated. Even more unfortunate than that, turns out Calloway has outstanding criminal warrants on drug-related charges in Indiana and is being held for extradition once he recovers.

Batman behind bars – Christopher Schwartz, who calls himself the Bar Harbour Batman, wrote a post on his Facebook page saying, “I demand payment of one million dollars or I will blow up the hospital. Once the funds are secured, private message me for further instruction.” When police showed up with cuffs ready, Schwartz said it was all a gag and offered to publicly apologize, but was still hauled in. He now says he may sue, since the arrest constituted a violation of his civil rights.

AW, SHOOT! – A man who was leaving a Georgia gun show after buying a handgun for protection didn’t know the person he was protecting himself from was himself! The man, whose name was not released, had just left the show with his new purchase and headed into the parking garage to head home when the gun discharged, blowing a hole in his leg.  Yeah…might want to check that your new gun isn’t loaded!

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