Wednesday 5/2

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A Florida woman got some good news when she learned a dark spot on her lung was a seed that had been lodged there for almost
30 years!  Blanca Riveron was convinced she had lung cancer. Back in 1984 Riveron had inhaled a seed from a fruit called nispero. Riveron said she could not believe the seed would still be there after all that time.  But she discovered the truth while sitting in a
traffic jam when she had a bad coughing fit and the nispero seed came out. The seed also explains why she has suffered from a bad
cough for decades that doctors diagnosed as asthma or pneumonia.Riveron’s breathing has improved remarkably.

While hunting with his friend Brian Hansen before daylight Terrance Spaeth thought he saw a turkey, so he shot it and shot it again. It wasn’t until “he heard the screams and moans, he realized it wasn’t a turkey but his friend!” Spaeth, 67, drove Hansen to the hospital; he is expected to recover, and no charges will be filed.

A pair of boozed-up Floridians didn’t want to risk putting their seven-year-old granddaughter in the car when they drove home.  Cops spotted the little girl, wearing a swimsuit, but no helmet, riding on a Bigwheel, which was tied to their SUV with a dog leash!  Paul, who was piloting the bigger vehicle at about 10 miles per hour, acknowledged that he’d been drinking — and that he did not have a valid license. According to the police report, Belinda was also wasted, and admitted she knew the stunt was dangerous, but said they were “just having fun.” Paul and Belinda Berloni were charged with child endangerment.

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