Wednesday 5/30

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A boy’s visit to a local garage sale has nearly brought back a lost family member from the dead! Addison Logan went garage-sale shopping last & picked up a “pretty cool” Polaroid camera for $1, brought it home, and pulled out the cartridge. Inside was a photo that he showed to grandma: of her then-teenaged son, Scott, with his girlfriend—about 10 years before he died in a car accident. Scott’s brother, Blake Logan said, “It just seems supernatural.” Coincidences did pile up for this to happen: After all, the Logans don’t know the people who sold the camera, who have no direct link to Scott or his old girlfriend. And the family’s current neighborhood didn’t even exist in those days.

Is that a knife in your pants or are you just happy…wait, you’re wearing pants?  A Floridaman who stole a golf cart at knife-point was easily identified by his clothing — perhaps because he committed the crime at a nudist resort.  Milton Hodges Jr. hopped a fence to get into the clothing-optional resort while wearing a pair of pants — which he used to conceal the large knife that he allegedly used in the theft. Hodges was already on the run from an armed robbery warrant that he’d racked up last month in anotherFlorida town. “We usually don’t get the outside world coming through our gates like that,” said Ted Hadley, owner of the 48-year-old nudist resort.

 A Niagara Falls man whose name was not released, ate about 10 dollars worth of food, then went up to the cashier with a single dollar bill and a small bag of pot — which he offered in exchange for the chow. When the clerk turned down the offer, the guy tried to sell the weed to other customers!  The cashier called cops but the man fled into nearby woods before they arrived.

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