Wednesday 5/30

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A boy’s visit to a local garage sale has nearly brought back a lost fam­ily mem­ber from the dead! Addi­son Logan went garage-sale shop­ping last & picked up a “pretty cool” Polaroid cam­era for $1, brought it home, and pulled out the car­tridge. Inside was a photo that he showed to grandma: of her then-teenaged son, Scott, with his girlfriend—about 10 years before he died in a car acci­dent. Scott’s brother, Blake Logan said, “It just seems super­nat­ural.” Coin­ci­dences did pile up for this to hap­pen: After all, the Logans don’t know the peo­ple who sold the cam­era, who have no direct link to Scott or his old girl­friend. And the family’s cur­rent neigh­bor­hood didn’t even exist in those days.

Is that a knife in your pants or are you just happy…wait, you’re wear­ing pants?  A Flori­daman who stole a golf cart at knife-point was eas­ily iden­ti­fied by his cloth­ing — per­haps because he com­mit­ted the crime at a nud­ist resort.  Mil­ton Hodges Jr. hopped a fence to get into the clothing-optional resort while wear­ing a pair of pants — which he used to con­ceal the large knife that he allegedly used in the theft. Hodges was already on the run from an armed rob­bery war­rant that he’d racked up last month in anoth­er­Florida town. “We usu­ally don’t get the out­side world com­ing through our gates like that,” said Ted Hadley, owner of the 48-year-old nud­ist resort.

 A Nia­gara Falls man whose name was not released, ate about 10 dol­lars worth of food, then went up to the cashier with a sin­gle dol­lar bill and a small bag of pot — which he offered in exchange for the chow. When the clerk turned down the offer, the guy tried to sell the weed to other cus­tomers!  The cashier called cops but the man fled into nearby woods before they arrived.

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