Wednesday 6/13

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A game called ‘possum’, in which young people climb trees and attempt to drink a case of beer, is causing problems in New Zealand. The first one to fall out of a tree from drunkenness loses the game. Officials at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens say mostly students play the game in afternoons and evenings, often leaving glass, litter, and vomit behind. But what they’re most concerned about is the safety of those falling from trees and potential damage to the trees themselves, some of which are over 100-years-old. And they make fun of cow tipping!

Imagine taking a wiz in the woods, it’s peaceful and you’re watching an elk across a stream.  Then you suddenly get knocked down by a bear!!  A 61-year-old Swedish man Ola Akesson said he left his summer cabin in the Angraan
nature reserve to urinate in a stream Sunday night when he spotted the baby elk on the opposite side of the water. “I called to my wife to get out the iPad to film the elk, when all of a sudden she screamed that there was a bear behind me,”
Akesson was knocked to the ground and the bear, which the couple said they believe was after the elk, barreled into the waterside dock before scrambling back into the woods.

Allentown police say Yardley Joy Frantz was promptly arrested Friday after witnesses spotted her “ZOMBIE” license plate. Investigators say Frantz ran into a man and his nephew with her car around 7 p.m., and then when confronted by the man’s son she zapped him with a stun gun! Frantz claimed she didn’t know who had been driving her car. EH? Frantz is free on bail as she faces charges including aggravated and simple assault.

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