Wednesday 6/13

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A game called ‘pos­sum’, in which young peo­ple climb trees and attempt to drink a case of beer, is caus­ing prob­lems in New Zealand. The first one to fall out of a tree from drunk­en­ness loses the game. Offi­cials at the Dunedin Botanic Gar­dens say mostly stu­dents play the game in after­noons and evenings, often leav­ing glass, lit­ter, and vomit behind. But what they’re most con­cerned about is the safety of those falling from trees and poten­tial dam­age to the trees them­selves, some of which are over 100-years-old. And they make fun of cow tipping!

Imag­ine tak­ing a wiz in the woods, it’s peace­ful and you’re watch­ing an elk across a stream.  Then you sud­denly get knocked down by a bear!!  A 61-year-old Swedish man Ola Akesson said he left his sum­mer cabin in the Angraan
nature reserve to uri­nate in a stream Sun­day night when he spot­ted the baby elk on the oppo­site side of the water. “I called to my wife to get out the iPad to film the elk, when all of a sud­den she screamed that there was a bear behind me,“
Akesson was knocked to the ground and the bear, which the cou­ple said they believe was after the elk, bar­reled into the water­side dock before scram­bling back into the woods.

Allen­town police say Yard­ley Joy Frantz was promptly arrested Fri­day after wit­nesses spot­ted her “ZOMBIE” license plate. Inves­ti­ga­tors say Frantz ran into a man and his nephew with her car around 7 p.m., and then when con­fronted by the man’s son she zapped him with a stun gun! Frantz claimed she didn’t know who had been dri­ving her car. EH? Frantz is free on bail as she faces charges includ­ing aggra­vated and sim­ple assault.

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