Wednesday 7/11

Kaleb Lang­dale, 17, sur­vived an alli­ga­tor attack yes­ter­day where his arm was bit­ten off from the elbow down!  A friend that was swim­ming with him said that Kaleb popped out of the water shortly after being bit­ten. “He was wav­ing say­ing, ‘Call the para­medics! My arm is gone!” Wildlife offi­cers caught and killed the alli­ga­tor & retrieved the arm from inside the beast, doc­tors were unable to reat­tach it. Even so, his friends told a local tele­vi­sion sta­tion that Kaleb is in good spirits.

Sean Felipe Camp­bell was charged with domes­tic bat­tery and vio­lat­ing his pro­ba­tion after he report­edly grabbed a ham­burger that his girl­friend, Gale Deem, was eat­ing and pushed it into her face. Police who arrived on scene reported that there was ground beef on Deem’s face, head and in her hair. There were also bits of burger on the floor. Camp­bell claims he only smacked the burger out of her hand, and did not hit her in the face with it.

Offi­cers say that Myia Natrice Cole was “extremely intox­i­cated” when they responded to her call about a stolen infant, and couldn’t pro­vide any infor­ma­tion about the child. When they went out on a fact-finding mis­sion, they found a car seat, upside down, on a main thor­ough­fare – and, upon turn­ing it over, found the 11-month-old strapped inside. He was dehy­drated, but oth­er­wise unhurt. Cole was taken into cus­tody on child endan­ger­ment charges, and dis­cov­ered to have sev­eral out­stand­ing war­rants, includ­ing pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia, pub­lic drunk­en­ness and escape from a penal institution.

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