Wednesday 7/18

Freak News 07182012

A Swedish woman says she had to fly overnight from Europe to Tan­za­nia next to a man who died after the plane had departed. Lena Pet­ters­son, a reporter for Sveriges Radio, said the man was hav­ing con­vul­sions before the Kenya Air­ways flight departed from Ams­ter­dam, the Nether­lands. The plane took off any­way. The man died sev­eral hours later while the plane was in the air and Pet­ters­son said she then had to sit across from the dead man for the rest of the flight. “Of course it was unpleas­ant, but I am not a per­son who makes a fuss,” Pet­ters­son told the Expressen news­pa­per. She later decided, how­ever, to seek com­pen­sa­tion. It took a cou­ple of months of e-mails but she was finally refunded $713 — about half of the cost of her ticket.

Author­i­ties say an employee at a fast-food drive-thru win­dow in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia stabbed a cus­tomer after a dis­pute over his order. A River­side County sheriff’s state­ment Fri­day said the man com­plained about his order to 28-year-old Gabriel Vil­lalba, who worked at Del Taco in Hemet, shortly before 2 a.m. Thurs­day. The state­ment says the con­fronta­tion esca­lated until Vil­lalba stabbed the cus­tomer in the abdomen with a knife. The cus­tomer, whose name was not released, was dri­ven to the hos­pi­tal by friends. His injury is seri­ous but not con­sid­ered fatal. Vil­lalba was arrested on sus­pi­cion of assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $25,000 bail.

A dis­pute over dog poop is blamed for a con­fronta­tion in St. Louis that turned vio­lent. Author­i­ties say a man was walk­ing his dog at Lucas Park Dog Park Tues­day morn­ing when the dog did his busi­ness on the grass, near where a girl was lying on the ground. Her father con­fronted the dog owner and police say the dog owner responded by shout­ing racial slurs at the father. Even­tu­ally, police say up to five men became involved. Some in the group allegedly used rebar from a nearby con­struc­tion site to hit the man and dog. Both had minor injuries. The girl’s father was arrested for peace dis­tur­bance, but the inves­ti­ga­tion continues.

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