Wednesday 7/4

A Wis­con­sin woman who had stopped on a bridge to take a pic­ture with her cell phone of a buck­led high­way near Eau Claire, acci­den­tally caught video of an SUV going air­borne instead. Theresa Reich told Milwaukee’s WISN she didn’t know her phone was tak­ing video when the SUV hit the clearly-marked lip. The heat wave that’s scorched many U.S. states caused the road to buckle, accord­ing to WISN. The two pas­sen­gers in the SUV were not seri­ously hurt, walk­ing away unscathed.

A woman lit­er­ally got caught in a sticky sit­u­a­tion inside a Wal­mart bath­room in Ken­tucky. She sat down on the toi­let and couldn’t get up for 60 min­utes. Appar­ently, some­one had put super glue all over the toi­let seat!  Para­medics were called to the scene of the crime after some­one heard the woman scream­ing from the toi­let stall. They needed an hour to remove her from the toi­let — with the toi­let seat still attached to her but­tocks. The seat was removed from the lady’s pos­te­rior in a hos­pi­tal emer­gency room. Offi­cials sus­pect the glu­ing may have been done on pur­pose, but don’t want to accuse any­one at this point.  Yeah, I could totally imag­ine some­one open­ing up super­glue while their tak­ing a wiz and “acci­den­tally” spilling it all over the seat.  This isn’t the first time some­one was glued to a toi­let seat at Wal­mart. The same thing hap­pened on March 31 to a man in Mary­land, the Ken­tucky Post reported.

Queens­land cops in Aus­tralia are look­ing for the so-called “Buxom Ban­dit,” who robbed a Gold Coast gas sta­tion.  The blonde-haired woman wear­ing a low-cut top busted into the sta­tion went behind the counter and threat­ened the clerk with a knife before mak­ing off with an unre­ported amount of cash.   News Nine MSN notes that the woman, who is still at large, made a cou­ple of cru­cial errors that could help police track her down.  She failed to wear any­thing that dis­guised her face, which was cap­tured on the gas station’s sur­veil­lance cam­era. If you even notice since her boobs take up ½ of the shot. She also wore a fin­ger­print con­ceal­ing glove on her knife-wielding hand, using her un-gloved dig­its to grab the cash and poten­tially leave other prints behind.

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