Wednesday 7/4

A Wisconsin woman who had stopped on a bridge to take a picture with her cell phone of a buckled highway near Eau Claire, accidentally caught video of an SUV going airborne instead. Theresa Reich told Milwaukee’s WISN she didn’t know her phone was taking video when the SUV hit the clearly-marked lip. The heat wave that’s scorched many U.S. states caused the road to buckle, according to WISN. The two passengers in the SUV were not seriously hurt, walking away unscathed.

A woman literally got caught in a sticky situation inside a Walmart bathroom in Kentucky. She sat down on the toilet and couldn’t get up for 60 minutes. Apparently, someone had put super glue all over the toilet seat!  Paramedics were called to the scene of the crime after someone heard the woman screaming from the toilet stall. They needed an hour to remove her from the toilet — with the toilet seat still attached to her buttocks. The seat was removed from the lady’s posterior in a hospital emergency room. Officials suspect the gluing may have been done on purpose, but don’t want to accuse anyone at this point.  Yeah, I could totally imagine someone opening up superglue while their taking a wiz and “accidentally” spilling it all over the seat.  This isn’t the first time someone was glued to a toilet seat at Walmart. The same thing happened on March 31 to a man in Maryland, the Kentucky Post reported.

Queensland cops in Australia are looking for the so-called “Buxom Bandit,” who robbed a Gold Coast gas station.  The blonde-haired woman wearing a low-cut top busted into the station went behind the counter and threatened the clerk with a knife before making off with an unreported amount of cash.   News Nine MSN notes that the woman, who is still at large, made a couple of crucial errors that could help police track her down.  She failed to wear anything that disguised her face, which was captured on the gas station’s surveillance camera. If you even notice since her boobs take up ½ of the shot. She also wore a fingerprint concealing glove on her knife-wielding hand, using her un-gloved digits to grab the cash and potentially leave other prints behind.

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