Wednesday 8/15

Manny Garrido, told investigators he began tinkering as a way to pass the time after his driver’s license was suspended and one of his projects was a single-round, .40-caliber gun he constructed from a brass tube, a large nut, springs and a screwdriver. Well, Garrido accidentally shot himself in the leg with the gun while he was carrying it in his pocket. And it’s illegal for a felon to possess a firearm or ammunition in the state of Florida so he’s been charged.

A visibly intoxicated Katrina Jackson refused to leave a Louisville tanning salon when her session had ended, and even went so far as to lock herself into her own private booth. When cops arrived to reason with the woman, they reported hearing her slur her words and watching her struggle to stay on her feet. Probably had something to do with the cocaine she had on her.  Jackson was detained while being de-tanned, and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

A woman in Oslo, Norway, skirted the issue of how to get a brand-new television without paying for it by attempting to walk out of a store with a 42-inch big screen unit shoved up the front of her dress!  The very nimble gal arranged the TV between her thighs and began to make her way awkwardly toward the store entrance, but her odd gait raised the suspicions of security, which had police pull her off a bus. The thief and her companion were Romanians and told officers she had “very strong thigh muscles.”  The brain muscles?  Not so much.

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