Wednesday 9/12

Imag­ine you’re at home and you’re sit­ting on your front porch enjoy­ing the day when all of a sud­den a body lands in your front yard!  Well, the body of a man who attempted to hide in the land­ing gear of an air­plane headed to Heathrow Air­port did just that on a res­i­den­tial street in a Lon­don sub­urb.  The stow­away likely got on board in North Africa but died dur­ing the trip, either because he was crushed by the land­ing gear or froze to death in the arc­tic tem­per­a­tures. His body fell out when the pilot low­ered the plane’s wheels ahead of landing.

Al Dha­heri Hamad was detained when an air­port secu­rity offi­cer spot­ted him attempt­ing to con­ceal a tiny, seven-inch long Loris mon­key – an endan­gered species native to Thai­land for a flight to the Mid­dle East in his undies!  When he and his trav­el­ing com­pan­ions were caught by cus­toms offi­cials, they con­fessed and led them to a trash can where they’d stashed a sec­ond mon­key in hopes of mov­ing it later.

Johnny Broestler was arrested and charged with bat­tery after he entered the mobile home of his neigh­bor, Wal­ter Lid­del, and demanded some money to give to the land­lord who owns both their res­i­dences. The alter­ca­tion soon esca­lated and got phys­i­cal when Broestler grabbed a dirty pair of under­wear and smeared it into Liddel’s face. Lid­del ended the brief dis­pute by call­ing cops, who responded to the scene and took Liddel’s state­ment – not­ing that he had fecal mat­ter stuck to his neck and ear. Broestler was hauled in and held on $5000 bail.

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