Wednesday 9/12

Imagine you’re at home and you’re sitting on your front porch enjoying the day when all of a sudden a body lands in your front yard!  Well, the body of a man who attempted to hide in the landing gear of an airplane headed to Heathrow Airport did just that on a residential street in a London suburb.  The stowaway likely got on board in North Africa but died during the trip, either because he was crushed by the landing gear or froze to death in the arctic temperatures. His body fell out when the pilot lowered the plane’s wheels ahead of landing.

Al Dhaheri Hamad was detained when an airport security officer spotted him attempting to conceal a tiny, seven-inch long Loris monkey – an endangered species native to Thailand for a flight to the Middle East in his undies!  When he and his traveling companions were caught by customs officials, they confessed and led them to a trash can where they’d stashed a second monkey in hopes of moving it later.

Johnny Broestler was arrested and charged with battery after he entered the mobile home of his neighbor, Walter Liddel, and demanded some money to give to the landlord who owns both their residences. The altercation soon escalated and got physical when Broestler grabbed a dirty pair of underwear and smeared it into Liddel’s face. Liddel ended the brief dispute by calling cops, who responded to the scene and took Liddel’s statement – noting that he had fecal matter stuck to his neck and ear. Broestler was hauled in and held on $5000 bail.

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