We'll always have Micky D's

A Norwegian guy walked into McDonald’s and ordered three cheeseburgers, fries, a drink and a Lørenskog: Stian tatoerte McDonaldskvittering på armen.McFlurry. And he’ll never forget it. 18-year-old Stian took his McDonald’s receipt to a local tattoo shop and had the entire thing inked onto his arm. He said his friends made him do it as a punishment for spending too much time with girls. And he was given a choice – either get Barbie tattooed on his butt, or the receipt on his arm. The tattoo shop says it’s the strangest request they’ve ever gotten but somehow they managed to also convince him to have the receipt for the tattoo inked on his other arm.

New Jersey Police came to the scene after getting calls from witnesses who complained about Jermaine  Jones riding around the Crossroads Apartment Complex on a kid’s trike without a helmet … or any other items of clothing for that matter.  He’d finished his tour by the time cops arrived, but he didn’t venture far: They found him crouched underneath a stairwell, babbling and chewing a combination of tobacco and broken glass. Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and get this…being under the influence of a controlled substance. *man in picture is not J. Jones.

When Reddit user GardenofGandalf  turned 18 he celebrated by posting a picture of his berries!  But they aren’t typical of a man’s anatomy because there are 3 instead of your run of the mill 2.  He’s been answering questions from his “followers.”  No, he doesn’t know if he has a super-high swimmer count. Yes, they get tangled up.  And yes, he has a favorite – the right one



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