We'll always have Micky D's

A Nor­we­gian guy walked into McDonald’s and ordered three cheese­burg­ers, fries, a drink and a Lørenskog: Stian tatoerte McDonaldskvittering på armen.McFlurry. And he’ll never for­get it. 18-year-old Stian took his McDonald’s receipt to a local tat­too shop and had the entire thing inked onto his arm. He said his friends made him do it as a pun­ish­ment for spend­ing too much time with girls. And he was given a choice – either get Bar­bie tat­tooed on his butt, or the receipt on his arm. The tat­too shop says it’s the strangest request they’ve ever got­ten but some­how they man­aged to also con­vince him to have the receipt for the tat­too inked on his other arm.

New Jer­sey Police came to the scene after get­ting calls from wit­nesses who com­plained about Jer­maine  Jones rid­ing around the Cross­roads Apart­ment Com­plex on a kid’s trike with­out a hel­met … or any other items of cloth­ing for that mat­ter.  He’d fin­ished his tour by the time cops arrived, but he didn’t ven­ture far: They found him crouched under­neath a stair­well, bab­bling and chew­ing a com­bi­na­tion of tobacco and bro­ken glass. Jones was arrested for dis­or­derly con­duct and get this…being under the influ­ence of a con­trolled sub­stance. *man in pic­ture is not J. Jones.

When Red­dit user Gar­de­nof­Gan­dalf  turned 18 he cel­e­brated by post­ing a pic­ture of his berries!  But they aren’t typ­i­cal of a man’s anatomy because there are 3 instead of your run of the mill 2.  He’s been answer­ing ques­tions from his “fol­low­ers.”  No, he doesn’t know if he has a super-high swim­mer count. Yes, they get tan­gled up.  And yes, he has a favorite – the right one



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