We've got a Weiner!

The Sullivan family of Ontario said their driveway and three cars were splattered with what appeared to be feces dropped from a plane. “It just covered the top of my mom’s car, dripped down the side, splattered onto my car and back onto my dad’s.” Lindsay Sullivan said. “It smelt really bad,” George Sullivan said. The family said they are convinced the foul-smelling substance was frozen to the side of an aircraft and fell from the plane on its way to or from Toronto’s Pearson Airport. George also stated, “There’s no way one bird could have done it, unless it was a pterodactyl.”

A neighbor called Sarasota police after seeing 53-year-old Michael Barwick walk into a resident’s carport and come out with a lawnmower. The witness said Barwick tied the mower to his bicycle with a rope and pedaled away. Police had no trouble spotting the bicycle bandit. They had Barwick return the mower to the home … and then arrested him on charges of felony burglary.

weinerGerard Robson, a security supervisor at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was fired after a picture of him nude from the waist down was accidentally included in a June email containing photos of a fender bender in the airport’s parking lot! The email, which was sent from Robson’s company-issued BlackBerry, was sent to about 20 colleagues, including subordinates, two FJC vice presidents and a pair of New York Port Authority supervisors. Robson sent out an email apologizing for the error. FJC spokesman Mike McKeon confirmed Robson was quickly fired. “Who knows? Maybe he’ll run for mayor.”

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