What a way to crash a pool party!

On Saturday a woman drove a Jeep across a parking lot, through a fence, underwater jeepand into a pool in Lakewood, Ohio. There were two men in the pool at the time of the crash and one of them said that he dove into the pool shortly before the incident, only to resurface and find the car sharing the underwater space! He turned around and pulled the woman out of the vehicle. There were no serious injuries from the crash. It is unknown at this time why the woman crashed and plunged her Jeep into the pool, but according to Lakewood police, she has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired and reckless operation


A physical education teacher in Florida has been suspended after allegedly giving students twerking lessons. Courtney Spruill, who teaches history and PE at Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville was suspended for 15 days without pay on July 1 because she taught some students how to twerk. And then let a student give her a lap dance. The tush-shaking tips allegedly occurred in May during a party for the girls’ soccer team that took place at the house of one of the players. Spruill is the team coach. The woman who hosted the party told investigators that Spruill brought her housewarming gift of vodka (which she drank), but said she didn’t allow alcohol around the kids.

A Washington state man tried to turn his taxi into a real cash cab – by pulling a stick up at a gas station when his driver pulled in to use the restroom. Karl Elliker walked over to the cash register and told the clerk he was sorry, but had no choice but to rob the place. Elliker, who said he had a bomb, demanded all the twenties that were in the register – but panicked when the employee told him there weren’t any, since he’d just done a cash drop. Elliker quickly hopped back into the taxi, but the clerk was able to get a license plate number and cops pulled the vehicle over a short time later – at which point Elliker admitted he didn’t have a bomb at all.


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