Whatever floats your rubber boat

An Ohio man is behind bars for the third time in four years after trying to float his boat by getting busy with a neighbor’s pool float! Edwin Raft loveTobertga, who’d been out of jail for less than a month after serving several months for getting rascally with a raft in a stranger’s backyard, was caught in the act again when someone spotted him with a piece of bright pink pool furniture. He had previously been nabbed for the same offense in 2011, nine years after he got spooky and kooky with an inflatable lawn pumpkin around Halloween of 2002. In his most recent mugshot, Tobergta is wearing a T-shirt reading, “I’m out of my mind. Please leave a message.

A teenager in Alabama, Marisa Williams’ started chatting up a guy named Tre “Top Dog” Ellis on facebook. Little did Williams know but her aunt had set up the fake account under that name to spy on her because she suspected of getting a little too friendly with strange men she met online. The aunt, whose name was not released, offered to pay her cell phone bill in exchange for sexual favors and then the girl took things one step further, suggesting they kill the aunt, as well as her fiancé and her dog! Marisa’s aunt called cops in at that point, but when she was interviewed by deputies, Williams apologized and said she was only kidding about the whole murder-for-hire thing.
Cherelle LaGrou, who is working at a lodge in Alaska this summer, had called her mother Shelly because she was nervous about the slippery and unfamiliar terrain she was hiking. This was the first time she went hiking alone and after hearing Cherelle scream and fall 30 feet, Shelly didn’t hear anything but silence for a while. Eventually, Cherelle came back on the line but reported she couldn’t move. “She said she did not want to die,” Shelly said. The Alaska State Troopers were notified of the situation and arrived on the scene after about 15 minutes. The cellphone battery eventually died, so Shelly didn’t know what had happened until she received a phone call about 45 minutes later after troopers had rescued her daughter.

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