What's the 1st thing you'd save?

Police in Swe­den said they’re search­ing for a per­son who stole 165 pounds of licorice from the back of a truck while the dri­ver was sleeping.It was about half a pal­let that was stolen from the trailer,” said Calle Pers­son of the Skane police. The dri­ver had taken a nap and when he woke up in the after­noon, he said he dis­cov­ered the candy missing.Police said they haven’t iden­ti­fied a sus­pect in the theft.

A man who recently pur­chased an apart­ment in France expe­ri­enced quite a shock when he opened the door of his new abode and found the pre­vi­ous tenant’s mum­mi­fied body inside. Police iden­ti­fied the body as Thomas Ngin, a Cam­bo­dian man died from appar­ent sui­cide in 2005.  Yes, in 2005. Though bills and let­ters piled up through­out the years, it appears no one attempted to enter the apart­ment. Neigh­bors knocked on his door and emp­tied out his mail­box at times but assumed he had left the country.

save the beerIn the what-definitely-not-to-do-when-your-house-is-on-fire depart­ment. Wal­ter Ser­pit of Colum­bus, Ga., tells WTVM he rushed back in to save his beer.  “I told them to get the kids out and every­thing, and me myself, being an alco­holic, I went back into the house like a dummy and the door shut on me because this back draft was about to kill me.” It should be noted that Ser­pit, who uses a cane to walk, did in fact res­cue a few cans of beer and escaped with­out injury. (As did the other six adults and two chil­dren.) Gawker dubs him the “most hon­est man in America.”

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