What's the hubbub, Bub?

The offi­cer who spot­ted Freda John­son tool­ing down the road with­out buck­ling up was prepar­ing a cita­tion when he walked back to the driver’s side win­dow to find her on her cell phone and before he could ask who she was talk­ing to, he got a mes­sage over his radio say­ing that she’d called a dis­patcher to com­plain about him pulling her over.  So instead of a sim­ple ticket, John­son was taken to jail on charges of mis­us­ing 911.

ear cigaretteFlorida Deputies had just fin­ished search­ing an apart­ment where they turned up sev­eral pounds of mar­i­juana and as they were bag­ging the evi­dence, Michael McIn­tosh came out of his pad next door to ask them what all the hub­bub was about. As one of the offi­cers began explain­ing the sit­u­a­tion, he noticed that McIn­tosh had a mar­i­juana cig­a­rette tucked behind his ear – and arrested him for that.

Offi­cer Thomas Merenda of Lauder­hill, Florida allegedly offered to let the woman off the hook if she deliv­ered a right hook to his dan­gly bits — an act she agreed to. After giv­ing Merenda a hand, the woman called super­vi­sors to com­plain about his behav­ior, lead­ing them to open an inves­ti­ga­tion that could net him a lengthy prison sen­tence for “unlaw­ful com­pen­sa­tion.”  Merenda’s lawyer insists that the offi­cer denies all charges, and says, “Unlaw­ful com­pen­sa­tion is defined as gain­ing a ben­e­fit or advan­tage. As a mem­ber of the male gen­der, I can tell you that is not a ben­e­fit or advan­tage. Any male can attest to that.”

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