What's the hubbub, Bub?

The officer who spotted Freda Johnson tooling down the road without buckling up was preparing a citation when he walked back to the driver’s side window to find her on her cell phone and before he could ask who she was talking to, he got a message over his radio saying that she’d called a dispatcher to complain about him pulling her over.  So instead of a simple ticket, Johnson was taken to jail on charges of misusing 911.

ear cigaretteFlorida Deputies had just finished searching an apartment where they turned up several pounds of marijuana and as they were bagging the evidence, Michael McIntosh came out of his pad next door to ask them what all the hubbub was about. As one of the officers began explaining the situation, he noticed that McIntosh had a marijuana cigarette tucked behind his ear – and arrested him for that.

Officer Thomas Merenda of Lauderhill, Florida allegedly offered to let the woman off the hook if she delivered a right hook to his dangly bits — an act she agreed to. After giving Merenda a hand, the woman called supervisors to complain about his behavior, leading them to open an investigation that could net him a lengthy prison sentence for “unlawful compensation.”  Merenda’s lawyer insists that the officer denies all charges, and says, “Unlawful compensation is defined as gaining a benefit or advantage. As a member of the male gender, I can tell you that is not a benefit or advantage. Any male can attest to that.”

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