Whip it good

Connecticut man Joseph McCaffrey told the Norwalk Hour he was reading the paper when he spotted the oddly shaped blob of ink in the movie section and showed it to his wife, Wendy. And she shouted, ‘It’s Jesus!’ “McCaffrey said he showed the image to many of his friends to see if they reached the same conclusion as he and his wife. “But, if Jesus is really trying to send me a message, I wish he popped up in the lotto section instead. Does he want me to see a movie?”

man eating whipped cream30-year-old Trevor Runyon decided to go on a binge inside a ValuMarket after hours.  The manager of a ValuMarket says he found 57 empty whipped cream cans in the garbage when he arrived Monday morning and surveillance video from the store showed that Runyon cooked and ate six steaks, washed them down with beer and then topped off his meal with shrimp and birthday cake. 30-year-old Trevor Runyon was charged after he was found in the ceiling of the store. We’re surprised he didn’t fall through the ceiling after eating that feast!  Police say Runyon slipped into the store and hid while employees closed it for the night..

There are many ways to tell if a man is dead. You could look for a pulse. You could check to see if he’s breathing. You could even just ask, “Hey, man, are you dead?” The family and friends of 34-year-old Dama Zanthe of Zimbabwe didn’t think to do any of these things.  Instead they went with their assumption and came very close to burying him. As mourners filed past the man’s coffin, one of his friends noticed his legs were moving. He quickly called an ambulance, which took Zanthe to a hospital where he was pronounced not dead. According to Zanthe, he is still very much alive and doing well. He must be very tired, though, as we’d imagine he’d be too afraid to go to sleep.

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