Who steals a banana??

bananas sadIn Connecticut a convenience store’s surveillance video shows a Ford station wagon smashing into the store and breaking the glass doors, which set off the burglar alarm. The driver grabbed himself a banana – and then split before police arrived!



Florida woman Madeline Brogan drained the bag of frozen spinach in her sink, and as it thawed, she noticed a skull of a bird with an eye missing!  She says,”I would expect a bug, or a natural part of something that grows on the ground, even a pebble or a stick, but not a bird.” When she went to complain, the store manager offered a smidgen of sympathy and a refund of the $1.79 she paid for the spinach – which isn’t enough for Brogan, who says she “may need therapy” to get over the incident.

Captain Craig Moreau, who was returning from a vacation with his wife, pulled up alongside an 18-wheeler with smoke pouring off one of its axles and thought he could take care of the situation with the fire extinguisher he carries in his RV. Moreau had no luck, but when he found out the driver was carrying hundreds of cases of beer, he immediately grabbed some of the cargo and started spraying the suds into the flames putting out the fire!

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