Who throws a shoe??

Seattle police say a 22-year-old man stole a boat at the Queen City Yacht Club and rammed several boats and docks. The man, who police said was not wearing pants at the time of the incident, was wounded in the arm and head by another man with a shotgun. Police said they arrested both men and the pantless dude was suspected to be under the influence of drugs.  He was taken to Harbor view Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. But, quite an embarrassing tale to tell.

who hit me with a shoeA pair of heels who tried to rob a British convenience store ended up getting kicked to the curb when the owner fought them off using nothing but his shoe! Two knife-wielding thugs confronted a man as he worked behind the counter of a convenience store. But he didn’t back down, even after being stabbed in the arm!  He ripped off one of his loafers and started swinging, shoo-ing the pair of hood-wearing hoods out the door and chasing them down the sidewalk in his stocking feet.

Alaska State Troopers stationed in Nome said they received a report that a .22 caliber pistol and some checks were among items stolen from Savoonga resident Jody Madsen’s home. Troopers got their lucky break in solving the case when Savoonga Native Store, the only shop on the island, notified police that Ronald Kingeekuk, cashed one of the stolen checks for $2,000 at the business.” Making it pretty damn easy for troopers to find their thief.   

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