Wino Wizzo

New Hamp­shire man Henry Grib­bohm says that he was try­ing to win an X-Box for his kids at the car­ni­val booth, but ended up drop­ping a whop­ping $2600 and “win­ning” the large yel­low banana with dread­locks. The game involved toss­ing balls into a tub, and he says that when he prac­ticed, it seemed easy enough, but some­thing changed when he started play­ing for the prize and the balls kept pop­ping out. Grib­bohm came back to com­plain the next day, and the oper­a­tor offered him $600, which he took, but says he’s still plan­ning to sue. The car­ni­val oper­a­tor says it’s “pretty next to impos­si­ble” to lose that much money at the game.

Okla­homa City police said Spencer Holt, 24, attempted to take a Zam­boni from the Cox Con­ven­tion Cen­ter but was unable to get the mam­moth ice-smoothing vehi­cle out of the build­ing.  Well, duh! Secu­rity guards were able to sub­due Spencer, who police said was intox­i­cated.  he charges against Holt include destruc­tion of pri­vate prop­erty and pub­lic drunkenness.

wine-box-openedKaren King was busted after a con­ve­nience store employee saw her dis­ap­pear into the john for an unusu­ally long time.  She finally emerged stag­ger­ing.  The clerk found a box of wine…an empty box of wine left behind in the loo.  Cops located her shortly after­ward, and took her to a hos­pi­tal due to her high level of intox­i­ca­tion.  King was arrested the day before for steal­ing another box of wine at a dif­fer­ent store. In that inci­dent, she left the store with the wine and drank it at home.

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