Wino Wizzo

New Hampshire man Henry Gribbohm says that he was trying to win an X-Box for his kids at the carnival booth, but ended up dropping a whopping $2600 and “winning” the large yellow banana with dreadlocks. The game involved tossing balls into a tub, and he says that when he practiced, it seemed easy enough, but something changed when he started playing for the prize and the balls kept popping out. Gribbohm came back to complain the next day, and the operator offered him $600, which he took, but says he’s still planning to sue. The carnival operator says it’s “pretty next to impossible” to lose that much money at the game.

Oklahoma City police said Spencer Holt, 24, attempted to take a Zamboni from the Cox Convention Center but was unable to get the mammoth ice-smoothing vehicle out of the building.  Well, duh! Security guards were able to subdue Spencer, who police said was intoxicated.  he charges against Holt include destruction of private property and public drunkenness.

wine-box-openedKaren King was busted after a convenience store employee saw her disappear into the john for an unusually long time.  She finally emerged staggering.  The clerk found a box of wine…an empty box of wine left behind in the loo.  Cops located her shortly afterward, and took her to a hospital due to her high level of intoxication.  King was arrested the day before for stealing another box of wine at a different store. In that incident, she left the store with the wine and drank it at home.

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