Woman gives birth on highway but is courteous enough to not block traffic

An Idaho woman didn’t hit a bump in the road with her baby bump – in fact, she deliv­ered her own highway babydaugh­ter in the mid­dle of dri­ving her­self to the hos­pi­tal. Shawna Uriguen says she began hav­ing con­trac­tions and decided it was prob­a­bly time to rush to the deliv­ery room, but lit­tle Kim­ber Marie was in even more of a hurry. Shawna says, “I was at a stop light and I was on the phone with my fiancé and I told him, ‘I think the baby’s here.’ I heard the baby cry­ing, and I was still dri­ving because I was try­ing to find a spot to stop safely and pull off the road with­out block­ing traf­fic.” The 29-year-old, who’d given birth before, said she thought she had plenty of time to make it to the hos­pi­tal, but, as her fiancé put it, “She had a cou­ple of mild con­trac­tions and then she had a big one and said, ‘I think the baby is in my pant leg.’” Mom and daugh­ter are both doing fine.

Perry Mar­tin broke into two cars at a condo com­plex and stole a vari­ety of small items as a woman watched from her win­dow and called 911. The respond­ing offi­cers reviewed the sur­veil­lance tape in the park­ing lot and saw that he was wear­ing a shirt embla­zoned with the logo of a com­pany called “I Got Wood,” and also the company’s phone num­ber. The owner answered and told them how to find Mar­tin. The 55-year-old had walked off a con­struc­tion site job shortly before com­mit­ting the burglaries

Some peo­ple tell a cop to kiss off when they get pulled over, but not this Florida woman! Luonna Gold­stein was dri­ving errat­i­cally when she was stopped by a deputy and stepped out of her car “accom­pa­nied by the aroma of alco­holic bev­er­ages and show­ing an inabil­ity to fol­low sim­ple instruc­tions.” She proved the lat­ter when she handed him a DVD when he asked to see her dri­vers’ license. Then she attempted to kiss and hug him –while also toss­ing racial slurs in his direc­tion. Breath tests mea­sured Goldstein’s blood alco­hol con­tent at more than three times the legal limit of 0.08.

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