Woman goes to jail for a hamburger

A British woman was given a slap on the wrist by a judge after police complained that she kept calling them with false emergencies — including a fake report that she’d cut off her hand.  Maureen Stork was charged with filing at least six bogus complaints and forcing cops to come out to her home a seventh time after she decided to camp out in the middle of the street, obstructing traffic. The 55-year-old also claimed to have punctured a lung in a fall, which turned out to be untrue as well. She was given three years of probation and a warning not to waste police time any more.

Firefighters were called to a New Jersey home for a huge fire in the crawlspace.  The homeowners were arrested because the firefighters stumbled across a huge drug operation which no one bothered to hide.  A cache of psychedelic mushrooms in various stages of growth, marijuana, LSD and other illicit substances.  Six people were arrested and bail for each was set at $200.000.

teen girl eating hamburgerTennessee woman Crystal Greer Brooks and her beau had been out drinking when she got a hankering for some Mickey D’s, and suggested they go grab a bite. But the boyfriend wanted to go somewhere else to eat – which didn’t sit will with Brooks. She demanded he let her out of his pickup truck, and when the man, whose name was not released, got out of the driver’s seat to comply, she pushed him out of the way and jumped behind the wheel. Brooks then rammed him with the truck, backed up and hit him again, then a third time for good measure. While she insisted he jumped onto the hood voluntarily, witnesses said otherwise, leading cops to arrest her on charges of aggravated assault.

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