Woman happy after dog vomits

A Wis­con­sin woman Lois Matykowski’s lost her dia­mond wed­ding ring six years ago and never found it despite look­ing every­where she dog vomits ringcould think of. Unfor­tu­nately, she never thought of look­ing in her dog’s stom­ach, because her 10-year-old Rot­tweiler mix, Tucker, recently became sick after swal­low­ing a Pop­si­cle stick. After a visit to the vet and some poop­ing and vom­it­ing – vola! As Lois was clean­ing up the mess, there it was – her gold dia­mond ring. It sat in Tucker’s stom­ach for six years! The vet believes the Pop­si­cle stick he had swal­lowed likely dis­lodged the ring. The ring has since been cleaned up and is back on Lois’ finger.


A British woman who was hop­ing to have a bite of cheese got quite a sur­prise when she picked up a piece that had quite a bite of its own – thanks to a tooth that she found lodged in the chunk. Jane Betts says she was ini­tially freaked out because she had just been to the den­tist the day before, and thought it might have been one of her own – but found that her molars were all intact. She says, “My den­tist said it was def­i­nitely a piece of den­tal work from someone’s tooth, and it def­i­nitely wasn’t from any of my teeth. He also said the main risk would be from bac­te­ria, but that was not that great ‘in a dry envi­ron­ment.’ I pointed out that it had been in cheese – which is a good home for bac­te­ria to thrive.“
A Michi­gan man got a lit­tle too plowed over the week­end and ended up get­ting busted for drunk dri­ving. The 43-year-old man, whose name was not released, was found by cops after wit­nesses reported that he’d crashed his snow machine into a tree on an alley near his home. He was dri­ving the snow­mo­bile at a high rate of speed at the time of the acci­dent, and needed to be trans­ported to a hos­pi­tal for treat­ment of injuries – pre­sum­ably not includ­ing frost­bite. Blood drawn from the man at the E.R. revealed that he was well over the legal limit for dri­ving any­thing – which could result in seri­ous penal­ties, since it’s his third DUI bust.

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